Month: April 2014

Glow On: Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration Blush/Bronzer

I managed to score the last Guerlain Sun Celebration Bronzer at my local Bloomies (they were only sent 3. SMH). Like most Guerlain pieces, this one is gorgeous from box to product. So much care is taken with presentation of this product. It’s absolutely amazing. Swatched Separately: Swatched Together: The

FOTD: Eye Stuff

Doctor gave me the all clear to wear eye makeup. Yippee! I started small. just a little eyeline… FACE Shiseido Sheer & Perfect Foundation (Ivory 100) Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher (#3) Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (Yellow) Tom Ford Illuminator in Fire Lust EYES Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift (Cara) MAC Pigment in

GIVEAWAY: Charlotte Tilbury Bar Of Gold

Okay, so anyone who follows this blog regularly knows how I feel about the Bar Of Gold from the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection. Now here’s the thing: it does absolutely no good for me to keep it. And since I’ve removed the protective plastic seal, I can’t return it. So

Adventures In… Ingesting Flax Seed

This post comes with a bit of TMI. You have been warned. My most recent ultrasonic treatment came with a conversation about digestion. I think that Gisell and I are getting to know each other a little better, so ‘oversharing’ kind of comes with the territory. After my haphazard introduction

Product Review: Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher

I was really REALLY hesitant about this product. Makeup base products are the worst to purchase online, because there’s no real way to account for undertones. I finally took the plunge and decided to get Charlotte Tilbury’s retoucher in #3, then doubled back and also got #4 (because someone initiated

FOTD: Night Crimson

I took Charlotte Tilbury’s Night Crimson Lipstick out for a test drive. Awesome name… tame color. This color is a full shade up from Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, and is totally suited to daytime drama. FACE Guerlain Lingerie De Peau (Dore 24) Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher (#3) Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze

FOTD: Hepburn Honey

I want to prove just how awesome this color is as a nude on my warm skin tone. I really REALLY thought that Charlotte’s nude colors were going to go all kinds of wrong on me, but this one didn’t. It’s exquisite. The formula is so wonderful, and I love

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