Lip Service: Ben Nye Lipstick

Now, lets say you don’t feel  like shelling out (or waiting for) a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. Ben Nye is here to the rescue, with a selection of highly pigmented colors that give its more expensive counterparts a REAL run for the money.

There are about 20 colors, for just about any skin tone. I ended up with 5. At $10 a pop, these lipsticks are a steal.


I know. Doesn’t look Plum to me either.

Wild Violet:

Red Coat:



The pigmentation of all of these lipsticks is off the charts. You can use them as a stain (using just your fingers), sheer them out with gloss, or lay them full on from the tube. They are AWESOME. I highly recommend these. Not only is the price point attractive, but the performance is Professional Grade.

You can find out more about Ben Nye Lipsticks HERE.



  1. Lily Seymour says:

    I love those but i’m on a no makeup buy so i’ll have to pass for now.

  2. They’re excellent Lily, and not too pricey. So when you come off your makeup fast (I did one at the beginning of the year so I get it), definitely look into these.

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