Lip Service: Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick

My lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury arrived, and I am OVER THE MOON!

From the Left:

Hepburn Honey

Coachella Coral

Velvet Underground

So Marilyn

Night Crimson

Like my first purchase of Stoned Rose, I am completely in love with this formulation. It’s highly moisturizing, and really hugs the lips. Totally comfortable on.

Charlotte Tilbury Hepburn Honey

Hepburn Honey actually works on my warm skin tone as a nude. It’s very ‘brown’… not so pink. Most nudes go ashy pink on me, but this one holds beautifully and stays nude.

Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral

This coral does run a little pink, but it’s still lovely. It’s lighter than the online swatches show, so I can see it being a little ‘garish’ on some skin tones. I recommend a light touch, and build accordingly.

Charlotte Tilbury Velvet Underground

I expected Velvet Underground to be more of a loud blue based fuchsia, but it’s more rosy in practical application. It’s actually a lovely color to wear if you like the idea of color, but don’t want to go full out ‘clubbing’ fuchsia. It’s funny that this is named Velvet Underground (as if it would be perfectly suited to nightlife), because it’s pretty tame in reality.

Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn

So Marilyn is exactly what I expected: a lovely neutral red. The undertones are not too ‘blue’ so it works well on my warm skin tone. Totally flattering.

Charlotte Tilbury Night Crimson

Like Velvet Underground, this one is pretty tame as well. It’s really not that dark, and is perfectly wearable for a wide range of skin tones. I was worried about it going too goth, but that’s certainly not the case.

I also got the lip brush (worth it), and several lipglosses (not worth it). Swatches and reviews coming. Ciao for now!



  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you so much for all of your Charlotte Tilbury posts!! I was looking around late last night for some WOC swatches and came upon a treasure trove of posts from you. I was able to order 4 things (to start ha ha!) after looking at your posts and I just wanted to say thanks!

  2. Gail says:

    Thanks for your help, I’ve been searching for another black woman with a skin tone similar to mine to compare the colors to formalize some additional lipstick color purchases. so thank you again. I would also love to see Stoned Rose on you and paired with some of the lip lacquers, like Bardot Beige and Ibiza nights:-) also did you use her liners? I have iconic nude and it works, but the Pillow talk that is paired with so many of CT colors, I think maybe is too light (I tried it with Penelope pink) thinking of switching it for Hepburn honey and pairing it with Bardot beige, but don’t want too much a beige neutral lip color!ugh, wish there was a counter close to me here is the US! Because I’m also wondering if Hepburn Honey paired with Seduction lip lacquer wouldn’t work better

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