Month: May 2014

Fitness Follies: You Spin Me Right Round…

I’m learning the hard way that bursitis is nothing to play with. After a few days off the trail, I tried to run again… and didn’t do so well. So I tried walking… fast. No dice. So I tried incline training (no running). Better. Meanwhile, I’m stretching the hell out

FOTD: Day Smoke n’ Polish

This heat wave means I’m wearing less and less color (which just looks heavy on me when it’s hot). I went for a light ‘smoke’ today (that you can barely see), but the overall effect was very polished. FACE NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Malaga) Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (Yellow) YSL

Fitness Follies: INJURY!

So… It appears that my body is trying to tell me something. About a month ago, I noticed a dull ache behind my right hip post-run. I was worried for a whole second, but then the pain went away so I kept on going. As time has gone on… the

J’Adore Dior: IT Lash & Fluid Stick (Intrigue)

Two new additions from Dior got my attention recently. I’m an admitted mascara snob, so I wanted to see what the new ‘It Lash’ was all about. So I gave that, and the Dior Fluid Stick (Intrigue) a test drive: Turns out, this new mascara is pretty good, in spite

FOTD: Love Is The Drug

My Charlotte Tilbury swatch-fest continues… FACE Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (Dore 24) Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher (#3) Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (Yellow) Charlotte Tilbury Blush in Love Is The Drug EYES Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift (Cara) Marc Jacobs Highliner in Brown(out) on lashline Dior It-Lash Mascara in Black LIPS Charlotte

The Gratitude Project: Standard Operating Procedure

My latest lesson involves something new: the observation of how we act and react. According to someone with more knowledge than me, we only operate from two places: FEAR and LOVE. Which do you choose? That is now the question for me in all things… both personal and professional. Being

FOTD: Line & Flush

I know I’m supposed to be finishing up the Tilbury blushes, and I will. But I had to go back to my First Love… FACE NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Malaga) Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher (#3) Charlotte Tilbury Blush in First Love EYES Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift (Cara) Charlotte Tilbury Rock

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