First Impressions: Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher


Yes, I know it’s a LOT of Charlotte Tilbury of late, but please bear with me. They JUST started offering international shipping. And after the nightmares about Selfridges sending smashed up products damn near a month after payment cleared, I’m glad I waited for the Tilbury website to offer direct shipping. The products are getting here in 3 days now. Just outstanding. I’m nearly done. Just a couple more eye pencils … and the foundation (when it becomes available) … that’s it. For real.


I arranged them in order, so that you can see how they actually look in real life, because I think the colors on the website are not representative of the actual product.

From the top left: First Love, Love Glow, Ecstacy, Love Is The Drug, Sex On Fire, and The Climax.

At first glance, I think that every single one of these blushes in universal in some way. I was worried that some of them would go ashy on my warm skin tone, or turn some pale skinned beauty into a pumpkin… but every single one of these is flattering. I can’t use every one as a blush, but they also work well as highlighters. And that ‘pop’ of color in the center is genius. It’s technically two products in one pot, because you can absolutely use the colors separately.

First Love

The outer ring works as a stunning highlighter on me, and the inner color adds a bit of peach. It reminds me a LOT of Rock & Republic Blush In Call Me, when blended together. We may have found a dupe!

Love Glow

This is a warmer version of First Love, with a little more ‘pink’ thrown in for good measure. It’s not exactly a cool shade, but I think it’ll work well on cooler skin tones. These blushes are buildable, but I’ve found that they really don’t need to be build up. Initial swatches pulled up a lot of pigmentation on both the outer and inner color. I dare say you might have to use a light touch, and then build to your desired intensity.


As you can see this color is more pink than peach. It is a LOT like NARS Orgasm, but it’s definitely more of a pink color. The shimmer factor is a bit higher with this one too (like Orgasm). I understand why this is the current favorite among internet beauties, but I think everyone is missing out by passing on First Love. I think that color is more what I expected Ecstacy to be. First Love is much more golden peach.

Love Is The Drug

Pink. I was surprised by this one. I really expected it to be more peach, based on the internet renderings. But it’s definitely a lovely rose-colored pink. It looks absolutely amazing on me, and I feel like with a light touch just about anyone can wear this blush. It’s gorgeous.

Sex On Fire

Again. Pink. This one is more of a deep violet-rose, but still in the pink family. Now, if you look at the website, this looks like a peach with a bronze center. It’s not. This will give off a very ‘flushed’ finish (reminds me of the original Benetint) without looking like you’re doing the most.

The Climax

This is basically a bronzer with a highlight. This will work as a blush on deeper skintones, but beware of the shimmer factor. I don’t sense discoball (yet), but I see the potential. This is a shimmery bronzey color, and that center color works beautifully as a highlight on medium to dark skin tones.

Overall, I like every single color. I’m surprised at the differences between what I thought I was going to get and what I actually got in terms of shade selection, so in that respect I’m glad I bought them all. Had I been looking for a deep peach color with Ecstasy or Sex On Fire, I might feel differently.

The colors cover the gamut in terms of shading, skin tones, and undertones. And they all have shimmer in them. A few of them have a more ‘matte’ center, but for the most part these are shimmer blushes. Since Charlotte Tilbury is all about getting that ‘glow’ – I’m not surprised.

The pigmentation is excellent, and the quality is superb. The blushes are silky, pick up with just the lightest touch of a brush, and transfer to the skin beautifully. There is no powdery buildup, no dusty residue in the pot, and absolutely no ashy factor with any one of these blushes. They all translate neutral to warm, so I dare say that in some respect all of these blushes are universal. It really just depends on what color you want.

I  hope these pictures shed a more honest light on what these blushes look like in real life. Swatches are coming. Ciao for now!



  1. I really need to get some Charotte Tilbury in my life! X

    • The blushes are worth it. The pigmentation is excellent. I’m wearing just the ‘pop’ color of First Love today (it’s more of a matte) and it’s jus stunning… even on my warm skin tone.

  2. lorisayoub says:

    stunning…Can’t believe you bought all of them 🙂

  3. jazz1 says:

    Thank you for being the risk taker for us in exploring this line. I think I want Love is the Drug and First Love.

  4. First Love is my favorite! Love is the Drug is excellent too (more pink than I thought… kind of bright). I predict that I will hit pan first on First Love. That color looks like magic on me.

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