Fitness Follies: You Spin Me Right Round…

I’m learning the hard way that bursitis is nothing to play with. After a few days off the trail, I tried to run again… and didn’t do so well. So I tried walking… fast. No dice. So I tried incline training (no running). Better.

Meanwhile, I’m stretching the hell out of my right hip. It’s better, but not BETTER. Still can’t run.

Today, I’m mumbling under my breath about how stupid this injury is, when I happen pass a cycling studio.

My doctor already told me to try the bike (Boo!), but I told her I wasn’t into it. But Spinning…

Well that might be a different story.

I walked to the gym and into the spin room (which was empty) to try out a bike. I lasted all of two minutes. Spinners, I owe you an apology. Ya’ll make it look easy. I was huffing and puffing after 60 seconds. OMG. I see I’m not going to be able to jump right into it. So I’m going to take it slow.

Class is Monday.

Let’s see what I can do.


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