The Gratitude Project: Spinning Out…

I finally went to my first Spin class. From the moment I walked into the class, it was an adventure.

I got there half an hour before the class began. My plan was to incline train for a little while on a nearby treadmill, to get my heart rate up.  But no sooner had I stepped on the belt, than I noticed that people were already filing into the room. I checked the schedule again to be sure that there was still 30 minutes before class… because it was filling up FAST.

So I hopped off the treadmill and walked into the class. Talk about a cast of characters. One dude looks JUST like Patrick Swayze a’la Point Break, and there is a girl in there channeling Bo Derek (10), BLONDE CORNROWS and all. I park my booty in the back of the room, which looks more like a club than a spin room. There are Black Lights people. The neon panels on my Lorna Jane outfit are lighting up nicely. I smile in the mirror like a dork to  see my teeth light up. What? I’m not really one to act my age…

shahadainstagramI am Grateful For: A Childlike Spirit.

The class is inspecting bikes, and adjusting them and what not. Point Break actually PICKED UP two bikes and moved them around the classroom, until he got the one he wanted. Ummm… okay. Bo Derek is playing on her phone, and someone’s grandmother just walked into the class, complaining about how hot it is in the room. There’s no ventilation, and we’re just getting started.

Or not.

Time passes and I realize the teacher is 15 minutes late. So I turn to the woman next to me and ask about the teacher. She smiles.

“He’s always late. But he’s awesome, so we wait for him.”

And boy did we wait! This mofo shows up 20  minutes late talking about a kid and 8th grade and some other nonsensical madness that I’m not interested in. I suspect there is always a rhyme, reason and excuse for the lateness.

I am Grateful For: Patience.

We get started. I’m soooo not used to this. We’re supposed to be stretching our arms as we pedal, and it’s all I can do to not fall off the torture device that’s pretending to be a bike seat. About 10 minutes later, I think I might have finally found my stride. The music is too loud and the mic is too low, so I can’t hear the teacher. So I just follow the rest of the class.

I am Grateful For: The will to keep up.

Meanwhile, on the rare occasions that I can hear the teacher, words are flying around like “Your mind is weak! Your body is strong! Stay in it!”… Say what? Maaaaaan, don’t get cussed out in this piece. I decide to block it out.

The next thing I know… it’s 5 minutes to quitting time and I’m FLYING! I mean… I’m going like I’ve been doing Spin for years. There is sweat coming from every pore in my body and even when the teacher yells for us to crank it up to 10… I’m still keeping up.

I am Grateful for… Stamina.

We go 20 minutes over the official end to the class (well, it’s a good thing I didn’t have any PLANS or anything). Grandmother leaves (oh yeah, we didn’t see that coming), as the teacher starts going on an on about loving us and thank you for waiting blah blah blah. Is this mofo getting emotional? OMG. I think I see a tear in the dim blacklit air. Lord…

I stick it out until the end, and burst happily out the door into the cool evening air.

I can’t even imagine how many calories I burned. I was exhausted. It was all I could do to shower, and fall into bed.

The next morning, my quads were sore, but I wasn’t in traction. I’ll take that as a small victory. Turns out, Spin’s not so bad. So I’ll be back.

I’ll just make sure to pencil in an hour an a half for the duration of the class.



  1. jazz1 says:

    You are an inspiration! And funny as heck! This a great read. Thanks

  2. Happy to make you smile Jazz! 🙂 You’re welcome. 😉

  3. BooBooNinja says:

    Wow, you lifted my spirits way up. Sounds like an incredible experience. I admire your strong body and mind, and humility.

  4. Thank you so much! Spin class is a challenge for me… I’m a total newbie. But I’m gonna stick with it!

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