FOTD: Five Steps to Flawless

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe not flawless… but pretty damn close. I had an early meeting yesterday and needed to look like I spent more than 4 seconds on my face. I had a 500-point perk from Sephora (NARS Favorites), a no-mascara Mascara, and the By Terry Cellularose shimmer stuff that I can’t seem to get enough of.

I bought the Dr. Perricone ‘not mascara’ to see if the serum part of it added up to claims. I didn’t expect it to actually behave and perform like mascara. It does. It’s actually really nice and natural, for folks who aren’t a fan of wearing mascara.

From NARS, I have the sample blush in Deep Throat, a mini satin pencil in Rikugien, and a mini Larger Than Life Liner in Via Veneto.

The magical product that brings it all together is from By Terry. The Cellularose Brightening Serum is a shimmer bronzing base that gives the face a ‘lift’, and gives my skin a glow without going all greasy.

I ran the Dr Perricone stuff through my brows to give them some sort of set shape… but that’s about it. Not too shabby for a few seconds. I think this stuff needs to just go into my purse so I can slap it on in the car (BAD GIRL) on the way to wherever I’m going.

LOVE that lip pencil. Do they make that in a full size? I’m gonna have to find out.



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