Skincare Changes (and an FOTD)

yogaskinSince I started Teacher Training, I’ve started breaking out. BOO! This is due to two things: stress and anxiety… and laying my face on my dirty mat. So gross.

I rotate between two mats and covers (because I am NOT doing laundry everyday), but even with the rotation, it’s a bit much on my skin. When we’re resting our forheads, chins, right and left sides of our face… mine is busy picking up bacteria. Nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.yogaskin1

I’ve started doing a few things to combat this. I am NEVER without a bottle of Tea Tree Oil and a pack of face wipes. Yesterday my skin was so gross that I put 3 drops of tea tree oil ON the face wipes before I wiped my face clean. I was walking around smelling like Pine Sol, but ask me if I cared! At least my face was disinfected.

yogaskin3Thanks to this training, I have two pimples on my jawline and one between my eyebrows. I’ve decided that’s quite enough. No more breakouts! I’m not even playing with this skin. Hmph.


Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation (Amber)

Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher (#3)

Bobbi Brown Golden Orange Loose Powder

Charlotte Tilbury Blush in The Climax (Pop color)


Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift (Cara)

RMK Eyeshadow in Metallic Gold (lids to crease)

MAC Eyeshadow in Woodwinked (lids/under waterline)

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara


Urban Decay NAKED Lip Gloss


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