Month: August 2014

FOTD: MUFE First Purple

I dug in to the MUFE Artist Shadows and … OMG. A little goes a long way. I spent some time ‘buffing out’ the darker colors. They are very pigmented. There is no ‘packing’ needed with the colors. Go light, and layer accordingly. Trust me… you’ll thank me later. FACE

Professional Grade: MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever decided to flip off the entire beauty industry with one of the biggest eyeshadow launches I’ve ever seen in my makeup life. There are 210 of the new Artist Shadows, which promise to change everything you think you know about glide… pigmentation… and performance. I went

FOTD: The Graduate

So this happened: I graduated! We got this non-slip yoga mat during the ceremony… CorePower’s way of saying ‘good job!’ There were tons of smiles, lots and lots and LOTS of tears. I cried off all my makeup. Dammit. But I was kinda cute before the waterworks started. Observe: So

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish: First Impressions

Put me down as one of the people who had to find out… in person.. what makes a $50 nail polish. When Rouge Louboutin went on presale at Saks, I was first in line. Here’s the thing: Normally a designer or ‘name’ will slap their signature on a regular bottle

I’m Still Standing…

… BARELY! Two weeks (give or take) to go before the end of Teacher Training. I am… F.R.I.E.D! So many chaturangas… so little time. My brain hurts, my body hurts, my psyche hurts… but believe me when I tell you that I’ve never been this excited … well, at least

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