I’m Still Standing…


Two weeks (give or take) to go before the end of Teacher Training. I am… F.R.I.E.D! So many chaturangas… so little time.

My brain hurts, my body hurts, my psyche hurts… but believe me when I tell you that I’ve never been this excited … well, at least not in a really long time. I feel as if I’ve reset. It’s insane. They say approach life with the mind of a child. Well, this training has ripped me open, dumped me out, and put me back together in such a way that I could have never imagined. Everything is new again. I’m a newborn basket case.

When I first looked at the posture series (which we have to memorize), I was like: “Oh this is cute. This is NEVER gonna take.” But one day, it did. I’ve practice taught about a dozen times (a ‘class’ made up of friends/family/people who have never taken yoga), and one day I just started talking and the words came out like I knew them all along. “Inhale, Tadasana…” Who knew?

Now when I first started and my trainers would ask me to call out cues and adjustments… I’d stare at the model’s foot for 10 minutes because I promise you that for the life of me I COULD NOT remember what the hell a friggin’ FOOT was! No, really. My brain just dumped out. It was ridiculous.

Anatomy… Hands-On Adjustments… how not to scare the CRAP out of your students (or bog them down with lofty dogma) and/or injure them in the process…

And that’s just the physical. Other teachers kept saying “Oh, you’re going to be so excited! Your life is going to change!” And I honestly thought it was a bunch of hype… and so I resisted this ‘opening of self’ for a pretty decent amount of time. Then one day, in Warrior 4 (what?), something happened. Maybe I was friggin’ exhausted because the teacher in this particular Level 2 class was treating it like a Level 3/4 and I was barely keeping up. Maybe I was thirsty. Maybe I had a breakthrough.

Who knows?

All I know is, this is AWESOME. And no, I’m not some super yogi… levitating over the Thousand-Point-Lotus. I’m still me. I love makeup, working out, my dogs (even though they really need a psychiatrist. Where is the Dog Whisperer when you need him?), and my insanely awesome husband… who has put up with this rollercoaster of a journey.

I promise not to start speaking in Sanskrit… much. 😉

Two more weeks ya’ll.

Pray for me.



  1. Lily Seymour says:

    Hang in there you’re almost to the finish line!

  2. Sounds absolutely amazing! Good luck!! xo

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