Professional Grade: MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow

Make Up For Ever decided to flip off the entire beauty industry with one of the biggest eyeshadow launches I’ve ever seen in my makeup life. There are 210 of the new Artist Shadows, which promise to change everything you think you know about glide… pigmentation… and performance.

I went to the official launch party in Beverly Hills last night, to see what was what.

There was a panel of experts (including the incomparable Ve Neil) to answer questions about the shadows, and the overall quality of good professional makeup.

They laid out all 210 shadows for us to play in. Most of them are EXCELLENT. A few of them (specifically the diamond finish) can be a bit of a chore to work with. The shimmer hits your skin before the color, which can cause the color to streak or skip. These shadows are also not as smooth or creamy as the mattes or shimmers. That’s likely due to the nature of the shadow mix (anyone remember NARS Tropic?). I have no idea why companies keep insisting on shoving giant chunks of glitter into matte formulas. I’ve yet to see anyone do it successfully. Okay, maybe Tom Ford. But still.

Two lovely models were painted head to toe to show us the true versatility of the shadows.



The pigmentation is really off the charts. Most of the shadows swatch like this:

That’s one swipe. The formula is fabulous. Reminds me of the Lorac Pro Palette in terms of ‘creamy’ feel. They did a fantastic job with the glide and color saturation. All but those friggin’ glitter shadows…

Each of us went home with what might be the most well thought out  makeup gift I’ve gotten in .. well.. ever. Most of the time you get some random stuff (overstock) or sample sizes that you’ll never use (or every product that Proctor & Gamble ever made… like there was a fire sale at Walgreens) tossed into a bag. But for this event, we received a box set of 30 shadows (actually 26 shadows and four blushes… although most MUFE color is interchangeable), to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. We also received four aqua-matic pencils (in colors that most people will actually use), four single shadows, a 3-well palette, and a single palette (to deposit said singles). Not too shabby.

MUFE Artist Shadows are available at Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER store locations, and my local beauty supply stores (yippee!).



  1. Laeti says:

    Oh my God! The colors look amazing!! A bunch of free products? *faints* Lucky you! 😀

  2. I went a little crazy when they first launched for backstage pass holder. The discount was too amazing to pass up! These shadows are fantastic, but like you said, not AS great as the previous matte shades. I wonder what they’re doing with all the old shadows? Did they hint to that during the launch party?

    • I only have an issue with some of the diamond finishes because it’s mostly glitter… little color. Plus, they’re kind of scratchy. But the others are on par with, or better than the originals. I actually don’t know what’s going on with the original shadows. My guess is that they’ll be phased out. From what I could see, most of the colors are exactly the same as the originals. And the favorites (the electric blue, yellow, and purple… 92 forever!) are even better.

  3. Natalie says:

    Omg!!! Look at the pigmentation of those shadows, with one swipe as well?!

  4. Yeah, the pigmentation is pretty epic. I love them!

  5. Linda says:

    I’m with, Natalie. Stunned at one swipe. I need that yellow asap!
    And how generous MUFE was to you guys. I’d hope to get in half as good with them.

  6. The yellow is a must have. It’s NOT matte. It’s an iridescent shimmer but the gold is not overpowering. But the pigmentation is everything. I swiped with my fingers for reference. I was SO happy to see the yellow in our gift! MUFE really treated us well. 🙂

  7. Danielle says:

    How’d you get an invite to this party?! Do they contact you or is there some sort of mailing list you can get on to RSVP? I’m really hoping it’s the latter! 😛

    • Hi Danielle. The invitation came through the magazine that I work for. This particular event was a press event. There is another pro event taking place at the store location this week I believe. If you’re a pro card holder, get on the MUFE mailing list to get a heads up about events and presentations.

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