Nailing Louboutin: Very Prive & Khol

I just had to.

Louboutin Very Prive

Louboutin Khol

Forgive my raggedy cuticles. These polishes are awesome. Now… they are not necessary. But they are lovely to have. The formula is thinner than Rouge Louboutin, which is more like a lacquer. The quality is on par with OPI, which is not necessarily a bad thing (I use OPI all the time). The staying power is about the same too (Chanel, are you listening? Do better). Very Prive reminds me a lot of Chanel Rouge Noir… maybe a teeny bit brighter. This picture was taken in direct sunlight, so the color looks a lot brighter than it would under a regular indoor light or out of direct sun. Khol is a dead ringer for OPI Black Onyx. That’s a fabulous comparison, considering the fact that Black Onyx is one of the better black polishes on the market. Better than Butter London (Union Jack Black), Deborah Lippman (Fade to Black) and Chanel (Black Satin).

I love these. The other colors are cool, but these are the ones that I really wanted. I believe that my Louboutin Nail Collection is complete… at least for now.



  1. Great choices. Being on a spending ban has been my salvation! A few of the colours are already sold out here.

    • Thanks! I was super selective about what I wanted. If you’re going to spend that much on a nail polish, you should probably make sure the color is something you’d actually wear often. 🙂 That’s my take anyway.

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