Month: January 2015

So I got the job…

Whew what a rollercoaster! After the audition, they told us we’d be notified by the 23rd. That was just to distract us. Turns out I was kind of already in. So stoked! My coach RJ tricked me by telling me that he needed to see me to ‘strategize’ how to


“Dear Universe, please send me a pony… and PLEASE LET ME NAIL THIS AUDITION!” I got called for an audition to teach at CorePower. YIPPEEEEEE! When we go into training, we are strongly warned that training does NOT equal automatic teaching spots at the studios. Yes, we know that. Do

Yoga Sculpt

So this happened… I’m back in training. This time for Yoga Sculpt (yoga with weights). It’s been calling me for a while, and the schedule is perfect. It works with my teaching and Habibi, so it’s all good. I start in a week. Ya’ll pray for my muscles. One of

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