Month: February 2015

Elcie Foundation Review

I’m digging around Naimies last week (and just about to leave after spending too much money with Miss Hilly Fresh), when I spot this Kardashian looking woman in an advertisement. My first thought was: they’re doing makeup now? But then I looked closer and realized it was not one of

Yoga Updates and Descent Into…

…the Korean Skincare/Makeup hole. I’m graduated from Yoga Sculpt training and I’m currently in extended education for the same instruction type. Three weeks and it’ll be a wrap. Then it’s all about testing out and getting on the schedule. So far, so good. This is my staple face these days.

FOTD: Amore Pacific & Laneige BB Cushion

Okay, I tested both products on the same day for two different things. The Amore Pacific has a smoother finish. The problem is the undertone… it’s too cool for me. I wear #208, which is the darkest. It’s got a hint of rosiness to it (I have NO red or

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