Eye Adore: Viseart Dark Mattes Palette


I haven’t been this excited about a matte eyeshadow since… well I can’t remember when. I’m old dammit. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

I snagged the Viseart Dark Mattes Palette at The Makeup Show (I wasn’t messing with IMATS. Ya’ll know why) this year, and I’ve been losing what’s left of my collective mind ever since. The palette colors are fantastic. They range from warm to cool in shade and undertone. All 12 of the colors feel creamy to the touch, blend beautifully, and layer like nobody’s business.

Viseart Dark Mattes: Without Flash

Viseart Dark Mattes: With Flash

That’s one swipe per color. That orange/red at the top is a BEAST. My goodness. You  have to go light with these; I looked a little crazy the first few times I started playing around. But eventually I got the hang of it. Go light, then layer as needed. That’s my advice.

Medium Green (lid) / Medium Brown (crease)

Plum (lid) / Dark Blue (outer corner)

(with the plum/blue combo)

(with just matte taupe on the lids)

You can do just about anything and everything with this thing (I recently used the plum as blush on a warm-toned client. Worked like a charm. It did NOT go red on her skin). If you can snag this palette, DO NOT HESITATE. I’m just saying



  1. Holy cow this palette is gorgeous! Do you have other Viseart palettes as well? I’ve been hearing such good things about them in general but this is the first one that really makes me think I might need to splurge on one. You look lovely as always!

    • Thank you! I have almost every one. I’m getting the brights palette at some point this week. The quality is EPIC. A little bit goes such a long way. I haven’t met a color or formula in these palettes that isn’t completely brilliant. Every one is awesome in its own way. It’s worth the splurge. This one in particular is amazing because the colors are so strong and soft at the same time. And you can layer them like nobody’s business. Everyone does shimmers because it’s an easy cheat. It’s hard to do mattes well, but Viseart seems to have mastered the art beautifully.

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