Month: July 2015

Like Death Warmed Up…

Ugh. I seem to have caught a cold. I blame my recent plane ride and gross gross GROSS RECYCLED AIR! GAH! I switched seats at the last second and I SWEAR the lady next to me had a cough. I’m blaming her. Yup. Because it makes me feel better. That’s

Bronze & Glow: MEDIUM TO DARK

Charlotte… GIRL! Well now I’m gonna have to eat some of my words. Charlotte Tilbury LISTENS (or at least her team does). My main complaint with some of the best items in this makeup line was the lack of diversity. But … after all those fabulous new colors in the

Charlotte Tilbury + Norman Parkinson: Bronze & Glow

So Miss Charlotte teamed up with Norman Parkinson to release a limited edition Summer Collection, and all I could think was: I wonder if I’ll be able to wear anything from it? As a medium toned beauty, these things matter. Charlotte isn’t exactly known for her wide range of models

LOVE for La Mer?

Well I never thought THIS day would come. I’ve been no fan of La Mer since the overpriced goop hit the market. Miracle claims of seaweed and midnight blooming fabulousness aside, any product with mineral oil listed that high on the ingredient list isn’t going anywhere near my face. Still

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