LOVE for La Mer?

Well I never thought THIS day would come. I’ve been no fan of La Mer since the overpriced goop hit the market. Miracle claims of seaweed and midnight blooming fabulousness aside, any product with mineral oil listed that high on the ingredient list isn’t going anywhere near my face. Still that didn’t stop millions of people from shelling out an ungodly amount of money to slather said mineral oil all over their face parts and declare it a miracle.

So when the La Mer Reparative Skin Tint crossed my eyeline, I was more than a little skeptical. First of all, the darkest color looked too light for my medium toned skin. But WHY when I put it on did it immediately merge and brighten my skin? Why did my skin smooth out? Why did it set IMMEDIATELY without any help of powder, even on my oily skin? BAH! Unfair. And at $95, it was still not getting any upvotes from me. But eventually, I had no choice but to give into the La Mer goodness.

This stuff is beyond excellent. It features a dose of the so-called miracle broth, but I really don’t care about that. It also claims to leave your skin in better condition than when you put it on, but I don’t know about that either. I haven’t seen any evidence after the fact. But while I have it on, it’s friggin’ amazing.

I’ve been wearing this stuff pretty much daily. I’m in love. Dammit. La Mer. Who knew?



  1. Linda says:

    Why did I purchase this when a 20% off Saks code landed in my mailbox? As if I need another base product. Merge and brighten? Set without powder? You got me, Shahada.

  2. Girl! I love it. I swear I can’t believe I love it so much. It WORKS. My skin is so smooth after I put it on. Stuff’s excellent.

  3. L says:

    Thanks for writing this review, I was keen on the product but no-one with darker skin had tried it and seeing your review sold me. Easily best base I’ve come across ever in life! I did a blind order without samples and it’s genius.

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