So This Happened…


No… it’s not permanent. Yes, it’ll be black. I got Jagua tattoos, to celebrate my anniversary (10 years)! I learned about Jagua quite by accident; I was looking for a henna tattoo artist to doodle some lovely stuff on me, and stumbled onto a website called Beauty Marks Henna run by Erynne… the nicest person you will ever meet.FullSizeRender1_zpswclf1cmc

Erynne was the third person I’d contacted for the service. The first one was RUDE… RUDE!!! Tells me not to book at the last minute (I contacted her a week prior) and that she only does ‘henna on  hands.’ M’kay… way to solidify your reputation! I went to check her out on Yelp… turns out she’s rude to everyone, and charges three times more than Erynne. As if that’s not enough, she doesn’t do what you ask of her… instead opting for her own interpretations and often joking that she’s not ‘feeling creative.’ Okay girl.

But enough about the harpy…

Erynne showed up to my home on time, and literally took 2 hours (TO THE MINUTE) to prep her product, apply it, and FullSizeRender_zpsjqozjenrleave me with specific instructions on how to take care of it. I had to shower and use aloe to moisturize (so the Jagua wouldn’t be hindered by something like a lotion or a balm). After Erynne left, I had to sit perfectly still (don’t smear the jaqua!) for two hours while it set. I passed the time by watching a movie with hubby. Then I washed off the jagua with warm soapy water. Initially, NOTHING shows up. But Erynne warns you about this. After 12 to 24 hours, the tint reaches its peak. As I type this, I’m at 8 hours. It’s a dark grey color, like a real tattoo that maybe only had a pass or two.

I gave Erynne a picture of a lotus to work from, and told her I wanted barbs coming from the lotus and scrolling about. She did a PHENOMENAL JOB. And she’s super fast! I got the jagua on the backs of my calves, inside of my forearms, and on my upper back… across my shoulders… and to my chest.

I LOVE IT!finaltattoo

You can preserve jagua by using heavy creams or balms (Did someone say Habibi?). Erynne even wants to check out the balms to recommend to her clients. Win/Win! I’m too happy with these tattoos. Even hubby is eyeing them like maybe he wants to try one.

The couple who plays together…

❤ ❤ ❤


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