Month: December 2015

Coming with me to 2016…

The year is nearly up, and I refuse to make a single resolution. Instead, I’ve set short term goals (like getting the tint pulled off of Liz’ front windows ’cause after 5 years I got pulled over… AS IF! #lagirlproblems) because there’s a much better chance of achieving them. While

A Rant on Teaching, Learning, and Living

It’s said that the best teachers first make the best students. The longer I teach yoga, the more I realize this is true. In the past two years I’ve learned a lot about speaking, listening, absorbing, and breathing in the things that serve me. I once had a friend who

Lip Service: By Terry Baume de Rose Trio

So we’re just not going to talk about the last few months. Okay? Okay. It is highly appropriate that my return come with one of the most decadent indulgences of the season: By Terry Baume de Rose Trio. This insanely expensive trio of lip balms is packed with 24 carat

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