Month: January 2016

NARS Matte Skin Tint

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh out the gate. Here’s the thing: the lack of coverage is the thing that stands out the most to me. But the actual ‘tinting’ part really kind of works if you do it right. A little goes a long way. First, kudos to

With a little Help from my Friends…

I don’t know about you, but I’m hard pressed to ask for help for anything. As a result, it previously made it harder to surrender to the place of receiving because I was unhealthily accustomed to giving. Since I got really serious about my practice several years ago, this has

FOTD: Burberry Highlighter

So Burberry released two epic highlighters for Spring/Summer 2016. They are expensive, gorgeous, and can be used all over the face… so maybe in the scheme of things, totally worth it. I went nuts over the gorgeous embossing on both highlighters, which can be worn on a wide range of

FOTD: Phone Call

Lily, I am fond of you and I say this with love: avert your eyes. 😀 Had to be done! Get a load of those EYEBROWS though! Can ya’ll tell I’m happy? Can you? Mess. A couple of things going on here. First, I used the new NARS Matte Skin

FOTD: Tom Ford Honeymoon

First things first: I GOT MY EYEBROWS DONE! And why for hell was I calling that woman Lauren? Her name is Jennifer. SMH. Shows how much I pay attention half the time. Just rude. She saw me yesterday, laid me down, and HOOKED ME UP! Observe… They are CLEAN. and

About this YouTube Hustle…

Recently, the amazing Liz (a member of our Habibi family) started sending emails to various YouTube Vloggers to see if they wanted to try some of our products and maybe talk about them. She got a healthy number of responses and reported that she was building a list of folks

Gwen Stefani (Urban Decay X) Blush Palette

LOVE! Okay, love with a caveat. Here’s the thing. This palette is worth every penny in terms of size, versatility and wearablility. I’d love it if some of the colors were better thought out. Despite the way the product photographs, the pinks are PINK, with no real warmth or dimension.

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