Eye Adore: Surrat Prismatique Eyes

Troy Surrat recently added a new item to his impractical and overpriced line (I’m still not over one of my blushes falling out of the ‘palette’- which must be purchased to complete the item – and crashing to the floor because someone didn’t have the forethought to secure them with brackets or a magnetic stripe. Really, this is not rocket science. Laura Mercier did it brilliantly… not to mention MAC, MUFE… c’mon dude).

The idea behind this line is so gorgeous, but I’ve hated more items than I’ve loved, and mostly kept mum about it because you know: if you can’t say something nice…


The first great thing about this item is that it’s self contained. You don’t have to purchase anything separate, and all the items are properly secured. The idea behind this is much like Tom Ford’s cream and powder shadow duos. So I purchased the white one for two reasons: I wanted to know if the formula held a candle to the Ford version, and since white is notoriously hard to do – I wanted to know if Surrat did it well.

The answer to the first question is no.

surrat 4

surrat 2

The packaging is small and light. It’s smaller than Tom ford, but it’s more practical because the square plastic is lighter and easier to handle with one hand. The ‘cream’ color looks and feels like petroleum jelly. Red flag. I’m not sure if the other cream colors have this consistency, but I specifically bought this one because I wanted to see how they’d pull off a ‘clear’ color. It remains tacky after application… I imagine to get the powder color to stick. But the ‘cream’ never loses that tacky feeling.

surrat 1

Once layered, the finish is stunning. So the answer to the second question is yes. It’s gorgeously clear and packs on for a stunning crystal white finish. the actual color of the powder shadow is not white; instead it’s full of shimmers of red, blue and purple. But the effect is stunning white, and it sheers out for a ‘wet’ look that is absolutely gorgeous.

My only concern is staying power. Because the ‘cream’ portion remains tacky, it’s likely to crease. I’ll wear it and see what happens.

Troy Surrat MIGHT be stepping up. Time will tell. I’m still not over the palette debacle though.



  1. Linda says:

    Eh. I can’t get over the base actually looking like petroleum jelly. Let us know how it wears. I wanted to try Surratt but I haven’t found a single person who loves the brand outside the lash curler which sends a message to me.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to see what happens when I wear it for more than 10 minutes. I just wish he’d do better. For what he’s charging, and for all the money they spent on packaging those individual pans (the individual pans are prettier than the palettes), you’d think some common sense would have kicked in. The fact that the pans are not secured in the palettes is inexcusable.

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