On Second Thought…

The Troy Surrat eyeshadow is going back. There is a pimple … A PIMPLE… in my left inner eyelid! What in the ENTIRE F… UGH!

See, I knew I didn’t like this brand. Dammit.

I managed to cover it up okay in this fotd with a little tea-tree infused concealer.

Because of this raggedy development, I kept everything super simple. That’s the last four drops of my NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Malaga) before I dig into my backup. I wasn’t kidding about getting two. Watch NARS mess around and change their minds and I end up stuck with a boatload of TM. SMH

You see the brows are lookin’ a little better! Maybe I can skip the professional idea for a little longer. Maybe. They’re just filled in more here. I haven’t done my own brows in so long that I’m learning from scratch… damn shame. The rest of the face is easy enough: just some random TF gold and brown shadow around the eyes, Chanel Canaille Blush, and a combo of Marc Jacobs Mahogany lipstick and OCC RTW Liptar in Hollywood (which might be my favorite ever of the bunch).

Dammit Troy Surrat, you had ONE JOB…



  1. Linda says:

    Girl no! You have GOT to be kidding me. A pimple?!

    So did you hear for sure they are discontinuing the NARS TM? Because it is their best base and I can’t see them kicking it to the curb for a matte version. Especially since radiant skin is more en vogue than matte. Even though I’m on a low buy this year I’d be tempted to buy a back up of Malaga.

    • Yes, a damn PIMPLE! Why for hell WHY! I was so mad. It’s almost gone, but there will be NO Fotd’s until my eyes match. SMH. The NARS thing might be a rumor. I don’t know. But I got two of Malaga just to be sure. I love that stuff.

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