FOTD: Tom Ford Honeymoon

First things first: I GOT MY EYEBROWS DONE! And why for hell was I calling that woman Lauren? Her name is Jennifer. SMH. Shows how much I pay attention half the time. Just rude.

She saw me yesterday, laid me down, and HOOKED ME UP!


They are CLEAN. and she tweezed them so I don’t have to stress about lift from wax or craziness from threading.

While I’m there we get to talking about my skin and she tells me that one side of my face looks ‘wounded’…


Omg… she is so right. I had a hormonal ‘bump’ on my jawline for what felt like forever, and I got sick of it. So 70% glycolic acid and five minutes basically burned me all to damn hell. I’m currently in recovery. She was not happy about that (you know estheticians take that mess personally). So she’s seeing me again this week to help the healing process along. And then I went to Naimies to tell Hillary how awesome she was and WHO SHOWS UP 10 MINUTES LATER to see the same person! I was there for a freakin’ hour with those women, cutting up and putting on makeup.

I just love her.


Oh, about this makeup! Okay, the Tom Ford quad in Honeymoon is on my eyes (more on that later). If you missed out on Burnished Amber, get it. If you didn’t, I have to say the only real difference is the finish (all the new quads have that horrid finish like Nude Dip). So you’re honestly not missing out on anything.

Hush Blush from the Gwen Stefani Palette is on my cheeks, and a combination of Brick and Cork from Dose of Colors is on my lips. Cork might be my favorite brown EVER. But it has to go back to Naimies because HOW did I get the only broken bottle in the damn store? Ugh. Taking it back for an exchange.

But my brows are done. These things are important. I’m just saying.



  1. Goddesslily says:

    I’m very fond of you and I say this with love… please go back to your old lighting. Your photos with this ring light (which is primarily used for videos not stills) is washing your skin out terribly.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! My old lighting was a flash on an old camera, which is now broken. It’s a work in progress and I don’t expect to get it perfect out the gate. Funny thing is, when I had the old flash, I got comments to the contrary. Go figure. 😉

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