Cocoa Smoke & a lesson about skincare

This lovely fotd, created with little to no imagination, comes with a story. I did this look IMG_8890(1)with neutral tones because I wanted to see how my skin would act in a nearly naked sense (despite the darker eyes) after a recent skin mishap.

On Thursday, I began what is to become a regular checkup with Jennifer. She performed a soothing facial on my skin, closed one of my acid wounds (we’ve already discussed this), and left me with strict instructions on simplifying my skin care. She also gave me a suggested cleanser (PCA), exfoliating pads with glycolic acid and retinol (Karla, these had retinol in them!), and a simple moisturizer (SkinScript). I am always happy to try new things (ya’ll remember when I lost my mind with Korean skin care) so I set Habibi aside and got to the business of doing this new stuff.

On Saturday, I took one yoga class and taught three others. By Saturday night my skinheat looked like I’d been through a rash factory. I had tiny red bumps that spread from my nose outward onto the rest of my face. It progressed very quickly and by Sunday morning I was itching so bad that I wanted to rip my face off.

First I was curious. I’ve never had a reaction like this before and it couldn’t have possibly been from the heat. I have have been taking and eventually teaching yoga in heat for 3 years, and this has never happened. But when the itch kicked in I got really frustrated. So I gathered up the stuff she’d given me, shot her a text, and turned to what I know.

I washed with Oatmeal & Peppermint Cleanser, followed with Seven Veils Exfoliating Mask heat 1(left on for 15 minutes), and finished with Oatmeal & Peppermint Moisturizer and 2 drops of Seven Veils Luxury Serum. Then I went to bed. The next morning I got a text from Jennifer and sent her my picture.  That’s natural light (window), no flash. All the redness was gone and the bumps were reduced by half. By Monday night, all of the bumps were gone and there was no redness at all.  I put on a mask again before bed last night, and this morning my skin is perfectly clear.

A colleague used to often preach that ‘you can’t know everything’ and I agree with that for the most part. But one thing I do know is my skin. I know how to care for it, I know how to rehab it, and even though I tend to lose my mind from time to time (70% glycolic acid… you know), I can usually find my way back.

Jennifer would like to see my products in person today, so I’m bringing her my stuff for a little show and tell. Estheticians have professional access to a ton of product, so skepticism is natural when it comes to personal skin care and habits. Especially when you come up against someone like me who makes her own skincare. Here’s hoping she gains a little insight about my personal skin, and my personal remedies.



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