Chantecaille SPRING 2016: Magnolia Palette & Earth Pencil

Chantecaille is all subtle for Spring (as if they’re outlandish any other time… NOT). The new Magnolia Palette is nothing that you haven’t seen before. All the colors are dupeable, but there is the lovely addition of a portion of sales going to a good cause. Chantecaille ever reels us in with this, even as the colors blend together for a seamless glow… with no real separation or personality of their own.

Such as it is.

True to Chantecaille, the packaging of the palette is absolutely gorgeous. The top of the case is decorated with a lifted plate featuring a magnolia blossom. Inside, the colors read as two shimmers (grey and eggshell), one cheek color (coral), and one matte (dark brown).

These are swatched with fingers. One swipe.

magnolia palette 1

They all look very strong on their own, but applied with a brush, they diffuse very quickly. If you’re not into subtle looks, this palette is a definite pass. I think the best one from Chantecaille is still Sea Turtles (I bought a backup when that one came out), followed by Horses, and Elephants… and maybe Sharks. The rest I can take or leave.

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The pencil in Earth, also new for Spring, is just amazing. Yes, it’s a brown pencil. But between the cooler tone (I hate warm browns that pull red on me), and the gel formula that literally glides like silk, and the immediate setting power (remove with makeup remover. Trust me)… I am in LOVE. I think I need a backup.

I’m all Chantecaille all the time. Foundation is Future Skin in Banana (I forgot how much I loved this foundation!), with a light dusting of loose power in Shadow. I skipped the blush and just used a teeny bit of the lightest color in the Magnolia Palette as a highlight, and buffed the brown all the way out as a contour. I also used the brown under the lashline.

I used just the eggshell and the grey color on the eyes (inner and outer lid respectively), and the Earth pencil on the waterline. It requires immediate sharpening from eye to eye and it sets almost immediately, so going slow and building up is recommended. Faux Cils Mascara to finish and Hydra Chic Lipstick in Water Lily round out the look



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