Swatches/FOTD: Tom Ford Disco Dust

Just when I declared Honeymoon the top pick for Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2016 releases… Disco Dust rises gorgeously into first place. It’s been a while since I’ve reached for hyper-visual pigments and shadows, and Disco Dust likely speaks to my current love of boosted neutrals. So… yeah.

disco dust 1

disco dust 2

disco dust 3

disco dust 4

disco dust

I absolutely love this quad. I think it might be more like the old formula, with the one flash shade (silver) that is best used with fingers and pressed into skin. The blending power is… everything. But the shades make a point of standing out on their own. Even that second shade (the neutral shimmer) is like “You can’t take my shine!” I see you.

The rest of the face is simple (as always). The NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint is growing on me. Well, it helps that my skin is doing better. When I was dealing with scarring and madness it was NOT my friend. MAC Peaches Blush (still the best peach blush I’ve ever used), and Dose of Colors Matte Lip Color in Brick, and Dose of Colors Lip Gloss in Bellini.



  1. Goddesslily says:

    Love the swatches… my Honeymoon palette just came yesterday.. finally!

  2. Thanks! I love Honeymoon and I love Disco Dust. Definitely going to get a lot of use out of both of them.

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