Throwback: Lavender Jade

You know how MAC likes to release a full collection every 15 minutes? Well, when Bao Bao Wan came out last year, I just happened to be awake and on the site at midnight (two actual days before their so-called official release). I wasn’t even stalking it, so I was surprised when Lavender Jade lipstick sold out within nearly an  hour of release. So many tears, so much anger all across the internet… just madness. The whole thing was a wreck from the rooter to the tooter. Folks were buying multiples and selling them on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money… and people were paying those ridiculous amounts without a second thought. Hot Mess.

Lavender Jade was so gorgeous in the tube, but damn if it didn’t photograph like an ashy slick on my lips. Just completely gross. So I mixed it for a while, then forgot about it. Well, today I put it on again… shot it with no flash… and this happened:

So much prettier! Okay, so no flash for this face of mine. That’s just Lavender Jade straight, which previously for me was a no go. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is my base (I’m still trying y’all) with concealing courtesy of The Retoucher in #4. I’m wearing Armani Blush #6. The eyes are some odd mish-mosh of Natasha Denonoa’s Eyeshadow in Smoky Quartz and the darkest color from Chantecaille’s Protect The Wolves Palette. Armani’s Black Eye Pencil is on the waterline and lashline, and Charlotte Tilbury’s mascara finishes off the whole look.

Now that I know this color will photograph on my warm skin and not look crazy, I’ll reach for it more often!


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