I think I got this light situation down y’all! Okay, so if I turn it down to the lowest setting, zoom in, and snap… VOILA!

I even got the eye shot you guys!

Fashion Photographers have  used these lights for years, and I always wondered how their pictures came out shaded so true (professional camera aside). And then Youtubers got hold of ring lights for their videos and everyone got all brand new like it’s a consumer product (it’s not). I’m sure many photogs were twisting up their lips like: SMH. Amateurs. You know everyone is an expert on the internet. 🙂

But damn if I don’t think that I’ve finally figured this mess out.

What really makes me feel validated is that I actually look like that. Like, no filters or manipulation. Just my freaking face. If you were looking at me, that’s what you’d see. Skin, messed up eyebrows, true color in shadows and lipstick… everything.

I won’t get into how many times I’ve been blindsided at shows by people who look so different on camera that I’ve had to do a double take.

So I’m calling this a win.




  1. BooBooNinja says:

    lol. Keep up the good fight, girl.

  2. LOL! I know right? This selfie mess is some madness.

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