Month: April 2016

Musings on K-Beauty

I was in the Korean Market yesterday trading stories and beauty secrets, and discussing the massive influx of K-beauty in the mainstream. My friend (whose daughter now buys Kinky Curly Curling Custard by the tub and says that I saved her hair… did I tell ya’ll about this lovely child

FOTD: Pale Gold

About 100 years ago, I did a ‘White Gold’ FOTD with terrible lighting and a bogus camera that would not work without a flash. Looking back, the makeup was more full coverage (so actually seeing my real skin was hardly more than a suggestion), and the whole thing took me

FOTD: Light Flush

Okay, this new mess with dry patches is forcing me to pivot, so I broke out the Seven Veils Serum last night and slathered it on before bed. That helped a lot. I looked a lot more like my ‘dewy’ (sounds so much better than oily) self the next morning.


So apparently I have to type this all over again because my initial post was magically erased. Stupid keyboard. I’m so irritated right now. I’ll just let the Instagram posts speak for themselves: Raggedy. Trifling. Rude. Unacceptable. I’m tired. 2 HOURS LATER: *cracking knuckles* Okay lets try this again. I

On Raggedy Skin Issues and Skin Fetish

First of all, the ‘y’ key on my board is acting up and staying stuck down every other stroke,  because of the one time I spilled Kombucha on it. I’m TRYING to be yogi and live in the present but it insists on bringing up old stuff. SMH. Just won’t

FOTDs: Color Play

I’ve been experimenting with the new Viseart palette, to make new colors. I had to dust off my brain and retrieve my old color theory lessons for it. 🙂 Observe: This was my first attempt at a ‘warmed’ purple shade. I mixed the bright fucshia with a teeny  bit of

GAIA Giveaway

Hey People! As you may (or may not) know, I own a lil’ organic skin care company called HABIBI. We just released our newest skin care line, GAIA, and I need test babes to give honest feed back about the product. Here’s what you need to know, GAIA is suitable

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