Viseart Cashmere, Minx & Chroma Palettes


Linda this is for you. Here are swatches of the new Viseart palettes. I didn’t think I was going to like the Cashmere and Chroma palettes as much as Minx, but they are just as amazing. True to Viseart, the shadows are silky and  highly pigmented.

viseart palette trio

Cashmere is a true neutral and goes easily from cool to warm tones with the right intensity and layering. Minx is incredibly warm, and even leans toward red/burgundy with the bottom two colors (especially that shimmer). And Chroma reminds me a lot of the Titanium  palette from Tom Ford… but goes even a step futher with two shimmer greys; the middle has a taupe undertone and the bottom one has a true ‘oil slick’ black base.

fotd viseart chroma

Plus you can mix and match between palettes. For this FOTD, I grabbed the black from Chorma, and layered with the top shimmer from Cashmere. The result was a soft shimmery smoke that can easily be word dayside without looking like you’re doing the most.




  1. Linda says:

    I love that sultry eye look. I ordered Minx but hesitated on Cashmere because I truly need zero more eyeshadows. Then it sold out on Sephora giving me skipper’s remorse. They are perm so I’m not incredibly pressed. They do take a long time to restock though. Thanks so much for the fast swatches. Which do you think will be your favorite?

  2. Thanks!
    Oh you do NOT want me to tell you that Cashmere is going to be my favorite. LOL The reason is because it’s SO neutral and foolproof. Minx is fabulous but it can go VERY warm so I love it for ‘bronze’ looks. But Cashmere is a quick-fast-in-a-hurry palette for sure. Here’s the thing though: it’s VERY dupeable. I wouldn’t be too stressed about getting it.

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