FOTD: Lunasol Foundation

As a brown-skinned girl, it’s always a struggle to match a foundation… undertone and fotd lunasolall… online. It’s a particular struggle when it comes to a lot of Asian brands because someone got the bright idea to make a lot of those foundations and bb creams GREY in the quest to be white as hell, and they just end up being a hot ashy mess on my yellow undertone (no matter how dark they tint the base). I’ve wanted to try the Lunasol Skin Modeling Liquid Finish Foundation forever, but because of lack of online swatches, I’ve been hesitant. Well I finally bit the bullet and got the darkest shade they offer (OC04), and it’s exactly what I was hoping for.

It’s a dead match, but because I’m not completely crazy, i went around the edges with the Tom Ford Bronze Age. I cannot live without that stuff. If it’s limited (is it limited?) I’m getting another one.

I warmed it up further with the Elegance Bliss blush/highlighter in OR201 (ya’ll know orange is my COLOR). Fast around the eyes with that Charlotte Olympia pigment whose name I can’t remember (I just bought it ’cause of Charlotte because the shoes are EVERYTHING), and Gucci Eye Kohl in Cocoa around the lashline and under waterline. Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara (getting closer to being my go-to). As you can see, Jennifer hooked up the brows… so yeah.

Lips are MAC Bao Bao Wan in Forbidden Sunrise, sheered all the way out with clear balm ’cause that color is STRONG.

Love this foundation. Light, water-based, weightless… and looks like my skin but bright and smooth and all kinds of flawless. Keeper!


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