FOTDs: Color Play

I’ve been experimenting with the new Viseart palette, to make new colors. I had to dust off boheme mix 1my brain and retrieve my old color theory lessons for it. 🙂 Observe:

This was my first attempt at a ‘warmed’ purple shade. I mixed the bright fucshia with a teeny  bit of blue and bronze and then sheered it out for a color wash all around the eye. It came out okay. Not knock your socks off awesome, but definitely wearable.

The rest of the face is standard with Lunasol foundation, Bronze Age, random black liner and black mascara.

Lips are Chantecaille Water Lily. 

My second attempt came out much better… or was at least a lot more visual. I wanted a boheme mix 2lavender wash to help bring out the NARS Dominique Lipstick.

So I laid the silver as a base, and then buffed out a teeny bit of blue and the palest pink shade until I got the lavender hue that I wanted. Same foundation and bronzer, with a little Chanel Fleur de Lotus blush on the cheeks to warm up the overall effect (lavender is a pastel after all, and has the potential to go ashy on my warm skin tone.

So far I am really loving this palette. I was so sure that I wasn’t really going to get much use out of it (but bought it anyway. SMH) but I’m happy to be proven wrong. Eventually I’ll start experimenting with the blue and fuchsia shades and go a bit more dramatic.

Or not. 😉




  1. Linda says:

    Oh I’m loving that lavender look. Gorgeous. The ability to mix well is one the things I love about Viseart shadows.

  2. Thank you Linda! Yes, Viseart is superb in quality… and I love the idea of a bespoke color with a little imagination.

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