FOTD: Light Flush

Okay, this new mess with dry patches is forcing me to pivot, so I broke out the Seven Veils fotd spring flushSerum last night and slathered it on before bed. That helped a lot. I looked a lot more like my ‘dewy’ (sounds so much better than oily) self the next morning. Before this FOTD, I added a little more to my Oatmeal & Peppermint moisturizer just to make sure my foundation laid right. Cracks and patches in the middle of an otherwise oily face is not cute. I need to balance this madness stat.

To make sure things stayed smooth, I put YSL’s Blur Primer under a thin veil of Lunasol Foundation. I kept this look super simple with one of the amazing Kiko blushes (this time in 111), and highlighted with a silvery-pink blush that I picked up from a local Korean market a million years ago.

The eyes are a mish-mosh of the pink and coral colors from the Viseart Bridal Satin Palette. I’m only just realizing that the ‘colors’ in this palette are barely that. For the most part, they translate as a high shine ‘wet’ look with just a hint of color. For what I wanted this time around, that’s perfect. But I swear that had I swatched this damn thing before buying it, I’d feel totally differently. For $80, I’m gonna need more than a sheer ‘wash’ of color. Just saying. No liner, and a light coat of Volume de Chanel mascara (mostly rubbed in at the root) for the eyes.

Lips are Tatcha ‘Sunrise’ lipstick in Plum Blossom.



  1. Goddesslily says:

    Can you do a side by side comparison photo from before you got your new lighting? I know that the ring light is for videos not for still photography unless you’re using a DSLR camera that has a daylight setting

    • Actually Lily, beauty/ring lights were used by professional still photographers long before Youtubers got hold of them. They’ve only recently become a video recording phenomenon and readily available to consumers. I adjusted the light to the lowest setting to keep my skin tone warm and in focus. The brighter the light, the more it washes me out and blurs and gets kind of grainy. That’s why my earlier photos looked so washed out.

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