Month: May 2016

FOTD: Graphic Orange

I think it’s fair to say that orange and gold are just my colors. They just are. Some people look great in reds or blues or purples… but give me a golden orange glow and my face just drinks in the radiance. I can sort of get away with yellows

FOTD: Memorial Day

*rubbing eyes* I’m up. Holidays mean nothing to the small business owner; What needs to be done needs to be done. So emails, promotions, sorting, order details and caffeine boost oversight is the order of the day. Oooh to the caffeine boost. I’m so excited y’all, and I might have

Peeling and What Not

Hey y’all. I was watching My Invisible Chrysalis (CONGRATS on the Baby Michelle!) about her pregnancy acne and how she’s decided to stay away from peeling because bad memories… and I don’t blame her. You guys should see her TCA Peel video. OMG. When she talks about turning purple… Y’ALL!

On Skin, Selfies, and Salon Kazumi

I had to cover the grand opening of Salon Kazumi in Beverly Hills for the magazine, so I slapped on some CC Cream and By Terry Glace (literally… slapped), a little gold and a little nude and headed out. Because the event was pretty straightforward and cozy and there wasn’t

On Skin, Self-Care and a Really Bad Day

I’m not going to call this a ‘no makeup makeup’ because you can see that I’m actually wearing some. But this look came as the result of a series of unfortunate events that I hopefully righted by the end of the day. Mercury is supposed to be OUT of retrograde

GAIA Feedback Request

Hi! Has everyone received their GAIA? If so, I’d like to start with the feedback process. Typically if anyone buys from the website, after about a week or two an automated email goes out asking for feedback. Consider this sort of the same. I’d also like permission to use some

FOTD: Gold Line

The Great Makeup Purge revealed a recent acquisition from Youngblood at The Makeup Show: A liquid gold liner. It made me remember two things: That it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a layered lashline, and that I need to secure passes for PHAME. Looking at it now…

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