Musings on Mother’s Day Madness

In a few days, the world will be inundated with evidence of last minute decisions and fotd earthly glow 3reckless spending, to say thank you to one of the most important fixtures in humankind: Mom.

How many are hoping they do NOT get yet another tchotchke to take up unnecessary space? *raising hand* You guys know what I’m talking about. And it’s not like you can throw it away because the minute you do, that friend/relative/random mofo will ask ‘Oh, where did you put that worthless bauble that I got on clearance at TJ Maxx?’ The worst is when they leave the damn price stuck on the box… been there, received that.

For the record, I’m not a mother. And yet, every year, something arrives at my door or is placed in my hand and I smile and hug and say thank you like my Mommy taught me to. fotd earthly glow 1One year, things got so bad that I put out a public moratorium on anyone buying candles. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ME CANDLES. You are wasting your money. I am a candle snob and I know what I like, and I can’t do anything with those waxy remnants that pass for candles but smell more like household cleaner and soot. Save your money people. Save your money. I can regift but so much. And honestly, I don’t need the clutter.

Do I sound like I’m complaining? Maybe. Some people love those kinds of physical manifestations (someone gave me a Christmas ornament that I JUST found last week in the back of a drawer. It’s from… like… 2008). I am not one of those people. Maybe I used to be, and if I was I  honestly don’t remember. After a while, it all becomes STUFF. And I have too much stuff. That’s real. I’d prefer an experience. A real one. No more stuff. Not for me anyway. Or (and this is me being completely honest), just say Happy Birthday/Mother’s Day/Easter/Eid/ChristmaKwanzaKa/Festivus/Solstice and we are all good. I don’t like commercial celebrations anymore. Maybe I’m getting old.

I appreciate the intention. I do. This is not an attempt to diminish that part. The manifestation is where things get lost in translation.

This makeup is from all things PAST. And maybe that is what has me feeling like I need to stop ‘adding’ things and start subtracting and neutralizing. Base is Tom Ford Traceless Foundation (Praline) and Tom Ford Concealer (Medium). Blush is Burberry Earthly Glow. Eyes are Burberry Dark Spice Palette. Lips are Ardency Inn (in my nude… I think it’s #3. Label is rubbed off), and NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss.

That’s my rant. If I’ve offended anyone who just LOVES all those cards and baubles and hideous Pandora bracelets, I apologize. It was not my intention. I’m just saying that at least when it comes to me, save your money.



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