Caked Makeup Lip Fondant Swatches

As promised, here are the Caked Lip Fondant Swatches. Not a fan of the packaging, and these do have a distinct chemical smell meant to imitate vanilla. But they perform above and beyond their counterparts. Just as much coverage as Dose of Colors, without the drying. They are head and shoulders above Beauty Bakerie and Kat Von D in terms of feel. Those two make me want to peel my lips off after about an hour because they are so dry. These go on like a lipstick, and dry to a soft finish. There is minimal to no transfer once they are set. They are easily removed with makeup remover or an oil based cleanser.caked lip fondant 2

caked lip fondant 1

caked lip fondant

Cheap packaging aside, these are definitely keepers. I hope they come out with more colors because I’m so here for it. If they get rid of that horrible smell (although it fades after a few minutes), I’ll be even happier.



  1. GirlDoesn't says:

    I’ve been eyeing these but can’t get behind the colors. I’d love to see more nudes, softer “everyday” colors.

    • 100% agree on the color selection. I feel like as they grow, they’ll add better colors. This formula is so good though that I’m here for them. Plus their shipping is insanely fast. I can work with these colors until they expand.

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