Armani Maestro Glow #7

I’ve been road testing Maestro Glow in #7 and although it swatches beautifully, it does still apply with a grayish cast out the gate. Here’s the thing: in about 5 minutes it self-adjusts and smooths out your skin and actually becomes the color of your skin. I attribute this to a slight oxidation, because my oily skin will darken just about any formula given time. I also have #8 (aka flat brown), and it goes a distinct pinkish red on me about 5 minutes after I put it on so it’s a no go for me.

You can see it looks warmer when it actually hits my skin (despite the grey cast in the bottle), and by the time I blend it, it completely disappears. So I’ll give Armani props for an epic formulation, BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE GREY? I can’t see someone just trusting out the gate that this will work based on the ashy ass color in the bottle. See, this is why I say they have no damn plan.

I did to FOTD’s…one with a gold under-base (because I really did not trust that grey mess), and one without. The one without translated more like my actual skin tone.

This is with Illamasqua AU under it. I was so glowy that the camera had a hard time focusing. It looked AMAZING in person, but I had to be diligent about blotting because otherwise I looked like a gold bomb. This formulation is sheer, but can be layered to medium coverage. Over the AU, the gold flecks really came through so I had to stay on top of the blotting situation.

The rest of the face is Armani Blush in 200, Armani Lip Maestro Gloss (OMG SO GOOD) in leather, and Black Ecstasy Mascara.

My skin came out a lot more ‘neutral’ when I used it alone. Not so golden. I have to be honest, I kind of prefer the golden look. I will probably wear this with some kind of warm under-base just to always err on the safe side.

Rest of the face is the Blush in 200, Lip Maestro Gloss in Tangerine and Black Ecstasy Mascara.

The new blushes and Lip Glosses are EVERYTHING. I nearly forgive Armani for the rest of the shenanigans because they are that good.



  1. Gigi says:

    Ahhh I’m intrigued. I’d love to try it out for myself, too

  2. LaTeisha Elliott says:

    The tangerine lip is EVERTHING! So pretty!

  3. RIGHT????? I love these lip glosses. They remind me of the YSL glossy stains but better. They are thicker and easier to apply and they really last.

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