GAIA Feedback Request


Has everyone received their GAIA? If so, I’d like to start with the feedback process. Typically if anyone buys from the website, after about a week or two an automated email goes out asking for feedback. Consider this sort of the same. I’d also like permission to use some of the comments in previous threads as part of the review process.

Meanwhile, can I say just how much I love Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sins glosses? My GOODNESS they are pigmented. I recently wore Vanity. It is EVERYTHING.


I’m gonna mess around and retire my lipsticks for the Summer. Between this and the new Armani glosses, there is just no need for any kind of extra on my lips. Love it.

The rest of the face is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in Dore 23, Tom Ford Gold Dust Bronzer (as powder) around the edges, Aurora Liner on the lashes and Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Mascara.



  1. lorisayoub says:

    Hello sweety! I did get mine. Thanks a lot. I am using it in the morning, for 3 days so far I would like to at least wear it for a week or more before giving my feedback.

  2. I’m so glad you got it! Yes, a week or more of use is good before giving feedback. Thank you so much! ❤

  3. Shana Howard says:

    I have been using my products as well 🙂 I will formulate my thoughts and post tomorrow.

    • Yayy! And THANK YOU! We honestly use feedback to grow. It’s more than just trolling for praise; we want to know if the products actually do what they claim and address YOUR specific skin care needs.

  4. Linda says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who fell off for a minute. I was focused on something else for a moment, but I’m back. Apologies for the delay. Thank you so much for the gifts. I’m still using them. So my thoughts:

    Cleanser: I really like a good gel cleanser and this is it. It doesn’t dry out my face like some gels can. It rinses cleanly and easily. As a test I tried to see if it would remove makeup without me double cleansing and it didn’t. That’s okay. I didn’t expect it too just testing it’s limits. It wasn’t awful. I just had to wash again which is common. I also don’t love this cleanser with my Clarisonic. I think it’s because the gel stays in tact too well. I feel like I have to add more. The key would be to apply it all over my face and then use the Clarisonic. By that point, though, I was just continue to use my hands because they are effective with this cleanser. I don’t even use my Clarisonic weekly so again not a big deal. I was just trying things to give you feedback. Oh and the pump distributes the perfect amount for me.

    Moisturizer: I am really happy with how quickly this product absorbs. It’s oil based, but doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s really great for my oilier skin. I wonder if wouldn’t be enough for people with dry skin though especially in winter. Hopefully you hear some feedback from those skin types. I do have a nice glow afterwards, but it’s a bit difficult for me to judge because I actually don’t have dull skin at all. It almost always has a bit of healthy glow. Initially I was getting too much from the the full pump so I had to reduce to a partial pump and that helped eliminate the look of extra oil. Easy peasy. Truth time. The texture has some grit in it. I was like wth when I first applied it. It’s weird and it’s different. Many of us are texture people. If it had been anyone else’s product I would have been like heck no and would have been done with it. But I trust you, Shahada, and I’ve just dealt with it. I would recommend noting it in the description so folks aren’t surprised or finding a way to eliminate it. The smell is kind of grassy. Not quite lemongrass. Or maybe so. LOL I’m just noting it. I didn’t find it offensive.

    Overall I think the products are nice and do as they say. Did I have miraculous skin transformation? No. But I am told on a weekly basis that I have nice skin so nothing is really dramatic on me. GAIA products didn’t trouble my complexion. My natural skin looked pretty afterwards. It felt balanced. I didn’t wake up a greaseball.

    Thanks again for your generosity. I like trying new things.

  5. Linda, thank you for such a detailed reply! I think you hit all the points… I LOVE that. Thank you for the note on the consistency of the moisturizer…we’ve actually rectified that! It was the papain, which actually dissolves on contact with the skin but came out ‘gritty’ to begin with. Turns out we didn’t give it enough time to marry itself to the rest of the formulation. A customer emailed us about it and we immediately fixed it and sent a replacement. It’s important that you guys actually enjoy the EXPERIENCE of using our products, not just rely on the results.

    The good news about the ‘weight’ of the formula is that it’s suited right down the middle. It won’t offend oilier skins especially with night use BUT the lipid content is high because of jojoba so it works fine on drier skins. We sometimes associate weight and sheen with the efficacy of a product, but even with the dry-down effect of GAIA, the moisture content stays high. That’s why I can only use it night. My skin hates it during the day.

    I got one report from you guys about MAJOR IRRITATION, so I suggested that person immediately stop using GAIA. We’ve noted it in the formulation. We are also upgrading the formula to add 1% salicylic acid to balance out the fruit extracts and take down the irritation quotient. The PH is fairly low (for exfoliation and brightening) and that can piss off sensitive skin types.

    We’ve had one complaint about the smell and a suggestion to add an essential fragrance to cover it. But we’re not going to do that. We don’t add any ingredients to any of our face care for the sake of fragrance.

    And Body Care for GAIA is HAPPENING! Likely by the end of Summer. We had such an overwhelming response to GAIA that we keep selling out, so adding to the line makes practical sense.

    THANK YOU EVERYONE AGAIN so much for your feedback. Good or bad it helps us tweak and perfect and grow with individual products and overall as a company. You guys might end up being test beauties (with your permission of course) for things that we haven’t fully realized. I appreciate you all!

    • Linda says:

      Thank you for not adding fragrance just to have fragrance!!!! You rock! Fragrance IS NOT skin care. I just argued with a Sephora colleague about this. Some “natural” brands pretend it’s okay because it’s essential oil or something. Nope! It’s an unnecessary ingredient. The Gaia moisturizer does have a smell. Is it my favorite smell? No. But it makes me smile because I know it’s the natural smell of the ingredients. It’s not terribly strong or offensive and dissipates in a timely manner. Unlike the Korres Wild Rose products that literally burn my eyes.

      For those reading my review please note that I am a daily chemical exfoliant user and that is why this product didn’t produce strong results for me. Enzymatic exfoliants are a great option for those with sensitive skin or just opposed to chemical products. Had I not been a loyal exfoliater I am certain I would have had noticeably clearer, brighter skin after using Gaia. I did benefit from the natural glow. It was a little more pronounced than normal.

  6. Linda, I regularly mess with JUNO… which smells like farts and failure so you know I’m not tripping about the smell of a product. Check your email!

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