FOTD: Memorial Day

*rubbing eyes*

I’m up.

Holidays mean nothing to the small business owner; What needs to be done needs to be fotd memorial daydone. So emails, promotions, sorting, order details and caffeine boost oversight is the order of the day. Oooh to the caffeine boost. I’m so excited y’all, and I might have to take down that disclaimer about using it at night because I used it Friday night and went RIGHT TO SLEEP like normal. Then again, caffeine really doesn’t have that jolting effect on me like it does other people so there’s that. Maybe I’m a mutant. 😉

I took a minute for makeup ’cause I promised a dawn coffee meet and I wanna look like I tried a little bit. I kept the skin simple with MAC Face & Body (I’ll spare you the spiel today) and Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder in Medium. Jury is still out on that powder. I love the finish but I’m not sure if it’s too much for my oily skin. I still prefer Innisfree, but I’m trying to be open. Highlight is Becca Pearl (all that shine is completely manufactured for a change) and mascara is Armani Black Ecstasy. Lips are a combo of Lipstick Queen’s Seven Deadly Sins in Lust and Envy. I set the whole thing with Farmacy Skin Dew because… dewy!

Yes, the brows look a bit crazed on purpose. Or maybe not on purpose. It’s one of those things that got outta control with too much ‘definition’ and I was dangerously close to looking like an Instagram Lemming. So I brushed brushed brushed all the product out and decided that it was just gonna be what it’s gonna be. So there it is.

Let me get back to work. Love, Light, and Laughter… Always.



  1. BeautyByReen says:

    The highlighter really comes up to your skin I must say 😍

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