FOTD: Graphic Orange

I think it’s fair to say that orange and gold are just my colors. They just are. Some people look great in reds or blues or purples… but give me a golden orange glow and my face just drinks in the radiance. I can sort of get away with yellows the same way, but orange is really where it’s at.

fotd graphic orangefotd graphic orange 1fotd graphic orange 3fotd graphic orange 2

A really long time ago I did a graphic eye and an orange lip (inspired by Lisa Eldridge) and so much has changed in terms of my skin and what not. So I thought I’d do it again. For the base I used the new Natasha Denona Phenomatic Flawless Texture Foundation (I have no idea why the name needs to do that much) in #5, which is a dead match for me. The coverage is sheer to medium and dries demi matte. It’s very comfortable on the skin, so dry skin types likely won’t have an issue using it. I used Tom Ford Gold Dust around the edges of my face, and the coral center of the new Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer as blush. I dusted MAC Amber Lights (show of hands: who knows how long this eye shadow has been around? I bought it when it first came out, before Estee Lauder got their hands on this company. I think I’ve been doing this a minute y’all. Sheesh) on the lid and under the waterline. The liner is Urban Decay Zero on the waterline and Aurora felt liner on the lash line (I really need to throw that thing out. It’s not good).

Now the lips… the lips! The base is Shiseido Lipstick in Day Lily, with Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in Tangerine on top.

I love a good orange. I need to wear this color more often.



  1. Shana Howard says:

    Hi! Can I leave my comments on Gaia skincare here? First, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try your products. Let me start by saying that I generally have combination skin that leans more dry than oily. I initially found the cleanser to be drying, but I realized that I was probably heavy handed with the amount I was using. Once I adjusted the amount, I found the cleanser more suitable for my skin type. It worked well to remove makeup and other impurities. I loved the texture and smell of the moisturizer. I thought it perfectly hydrated my skin without making it feel greasy. I would definitely purchase both products!

  2. Mel says:

    You are beautiful!

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