FOTD: OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights

Oooooooh LOVE.

Stephanie Nicole reviewed these and wasn’t the biggest fan (they transfer) but she fotd OFRA 1mentioned that they were very comfortable to wear. Comfort for me is key because I can’t deal with my lips going inside-out from all the dry-down (Beauty Bakerie I’m looking at you). So I grabbed a few, and one of them was Havana Nights… which is hands-down my favorite.

I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s a brick-red color on me and it just sets everything off. My makeup is super minimal to really show off this color. And it is TRULY comfortable. I don’t have any real transfer issue, to be honest. I got a tiny bit on the rim of a glass of water, but that’s about it. It definitely fotd OFRAwears longer than a traditional lipstick, but not as long as, say, a Dose of Colors or Beauty Bakerie.

I also have Miami Fever (which kind of looks like puke on me), Brooklyn (goth brown), Daytona (no ma’am) and Surfer’s Paradise (you know me and orange are besties). The price point is acceptable at $16, even though they take forever to ship. They leave the impression that they are making the lipsticks to order…? Either way, I’m happy with them. It seems they’ve upgraded their packaging too (some of the reviews I saw on Youtube were in these heinous tubes that kind of showed up in bubble wrap). Mine came in individual boxes with decent tubes. I’ll do a full review with swatches after Legendary Brows, which is coming next.

The rest of the face is Armani Maestro Glow in #7, Armani Blush, and Armani Mascara. Lots of Armani on this face… totally not planned. Hey, it works. 🙂


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