Ofra Liquid Lipstick

I want to love them ALL, but alas, OFRA Liquid Lipsticks are really only as good as their color. My two hands down favorites are Brooklyn and Havana Nights (and I thought I would hate Brooklyn). I think it has a lot to do with their pigmentation. The darker colors wear creamier and dry satin but still don’t really transfer. The lighter colors go ashy when they dry and the medium shade I have (Miami Fever) applies very patchy and streaky.

ofra lip creme

From left to right: Surfer’s Paradise (0range), Brooklyn (dark brown), Daytona Beach (pinky coral), Havana Nights (brick red) and Miami Fever.

ofra lip creme 1

They are all gorgeous in the tube and there’s no way to know how they’ll apply and wear until you use them. The composition actually changes on Daytona Beach. It swatches a lovely creamy pinky coral, and then goes white ashy coral on my lips. And the dry down is so severe, that I have yet to wear it for longer than five minutes. By contrast, Brooklyn wears like the most comfortable lipstick you’ve ever used in your life. Same for Havana Nights, which is so good that I want another tube… just because. And they are insanely flattering… especially Havana Nights. It just looks like it was made for me.

Now Miami Fever might be my biggest disappointment because it’s SUCH a gorgeous color in the tube and it’s not super bright like Surfer’s Paradise so I thought it would just be an ‘apply and go’ color. Nope! You have to REALLY work with it because it’s so chunky and patchy. I do best when I apply it with fingers or mix it with a little shimmery balm (which destroys its ability to dry down and set).

As I understand it, these things are made to order. The consistency is all over the place though, so I don’t know if I should wait until OFRA gets it together before I place another order, or just abandon them altogether. Jury’s still out.

Meanwhile… I am gonna rock the HELL out of Havana Nights because… WIN! ❤


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