Month: July 2016

Soooo I got my face shaved…

Yep! I literally went under the knife and let Jennifer (whom I trust completely with my skin) perform Dermaplane. Y’all WHY is it so therapeutic? You’d think that having a damn scalpel scraped across my face would cause all kinds of stress. NOPE. It felt so good, and I could

Musings on Skin Care & FOTD

If you guys haven’t figured out by now, I’m a skin care junkie. Although I mostly share makeup items on this blog, it’s the SKIN man! Head to toe. I don’t mess around. I love anything that’ll help me look and FEEL good. This is key. Habibi is built on

FOTD: MAC Peaches

I think it’s fair to say that MAC Peaches Blush may be my favorite of any blush I’ve ever used. Since I’ve hit pan on not one… but TWO pots of this stuff, there’s plenty of evidence pointing to this fact. It could be that I’m incredibly lazy and the

On Seed Pain, Projection, and Reception

Y’all have a seat and strap in… this is gonna be preachy. Ever find yourself in a situation and suddenly realize “Wait… I ALREADY STARRED IN THIS MOVIE!” Even if the exchange is in the premature stages of blossoming into some full-blown bullshit, you can already see far enough down

FOTD: Temporary Lighting Situation

I’ve lost access to my Diva Light and shooting space for a few days, so I’m making do with the vanity in my bathroom. No flash, and an extra light bulb, and it appears that the result might not be too bad. Plus the stark white background gives my skin

Updates and Aquisitions

Morning! Okay, I’m not really up. I’m totally faking it. My body clock will likely be a mess for a few days, but I’m rolling with it. I have to teach a double today. Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep in the middle of ‘Inhale Tadasana’… yeah. Fires have been

Murphy’s Law…

…states that anything that can go wrong, WILL. Soooooo, about this effort to unplug: I decided that I was going off the grid for a minute. But I’m doing it during a holiday and there have to be sales and family stuff and obligations… BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE I’M

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