Musings on Skin Care & FOTD

If you guys haven’t figured out by now, I’m a skin care junkie. Although I mostly IMG_3555share makeup items on this blog, it’s the SKIN man! Head to toe. I don’t mess around. I love anything that’ll help me look and FEEL good. This is key. Habibi is built on the premise of feeling and overall wellness. The products are made for efficacy, sure. But it’s also about the way you feel. SO I’m gonna gather up some of my regulars in skin care (no, not all Habibi) and share some of the habits I’ve honed to keep my skin balanced and regularly blemish free. Anyone who’s been following this blog for longer than five minutes knows just how much I’ve struggled with my skin. So please be clear that I’m not bouncing in here like “Oh you guys I was just blessed with perfect skin and I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t have it!” SMH. Y’all know what I’m talking about when I say that. The truth is I’ve been acne and hyper-pigmentation prone since puberty. And when I tell you that I’m WAY past that stage in my hormonal life… listen. My acne acted a monkey ass pretty much up until a few years ago, so trust me when I tell you that I understand the struggle.

Let’s get into this makeup. I went for a heavier coverage for this with Guerlain Parure Gold (do they even make this anymore because I seriously need a backup) in the darkest IMG_3545color (06). I popped Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder in Medium through the center. Ummm I have a bone to pick with Miss Charlotte: WHY HAVE I HIT PAN ON THIS? I use it often, sure. But excuse me, I have never gone through a product this fast. That means these pans are shallow as hell, and I don’t like that at all. I’m looking for an alternative because at $45, I shouldn’t be hitting pan at the start of month 2. My former go to pressed (Bobbi Brown) used to last 4 months before I even considered getting a new one. I just use the lightest dusting through the center of my face too… so it’s not even a volume usage issue. I ain’t thinking about miss High Pressure Sales when it comes to this powder. Nope. Trust and believe that I’m about to send my hard earned coins in another direction.

Anyway, I highlighted with a Chanel highlighter (that one with the Camellia Flower that I THINK came out last year. No matter. Becca Pearl will do just fine as a dupe). Highlighter is on the high planes of my face, including tops of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, in the inner corner of the eyes, and top of the cupid’s bow. No blush, and for my raggedy sister who suggested that I was ‘sucking in my cheeks’ to get those dimples… that’s not contour. I get that effect by lightly turning up my lips. Period. Try it. And hush.

Eyes are from the Viseart Chroma Palette. I used the matte white as a base, then dusted the lightest shimmer over it. Liner is simply the black shadow from the palette, first placed with a stiff angle brush, then diffused with a clean pointed brush. Mascara (if you don’t know by now… c’mon. I’m about to get a second tube while you playin’) and done.

Lips are lined first with Burberry Lip Pencil in Oxblood, and filled in with Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick in Black Rose. Umm… that skipping in the middle is NOT cute. I didn’t notice it until later, and had to fill it in. SMH. This was a limited edition product, and to be honest, I prefer the comfort of OFRA Havana Nights. But this color is stunning and it’s cooler and and more ‘berry’ in hue than OFRA. So now I need something comparable. I’ve been looking at Black Moon? Anyone use that brand yet? Recommendations? Help a sista out!

Skin care routine is coming. Ciao for now!<3





  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    i love dose of color black rose. its looks so vampy and sexy. love it.

  2. So do I! I hope they bring it back. Maybe come up with a slightly softer formula.

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