Month: August 2016


Toners might be the one place where I really go nuts. I literally switch them out according to my daily skin care needs. It’s rare that I use any one formulation consistently because I’m in and out of hot and sometimes questionable environments (teaching yoga) so my face goes through

Skin Care: CLEAN

I’m trying to get it together y’all. I did not photograph my own products because they look awful. They looked fine to me until I took pictures, and then I was like EWWWW. Suffice to say they are very well used. Most of the labels are torn or rubbed off…

FOTD: Gone Back to Chantecaille

I still love so much about this brand, particularly the classic offerings. Chantecaille can get beside itself sometimes with overpriced mediocre palettes that only use 5% of charitable donations to entice us into the mediocrity (I know… some brands do that with NO charitable contributions). But for the most part,

Viseart Blush & Contour/Highlight Swatches

As promised: All of these are swatched with my fingers. This is one swipe, so the skipping you see on some of the colors is true to form if you go in too heavy with a brush. You will get kick-up. However, the product blends out so beautifully that I

Agenda Magazine Beauty Shoot

At some point I’m gonna sit my ass down. I’m not sure when that will be … but for the moment I’m going non-stop. I get a call from the EIC at Agenda to do a ‘beauty video shoot’… Say what? By the way that’s my favorite role for Chris

Viseart Blush and Contour Palettes

YES I know that I’m raggedy. YES I know that I’m supposed to do a skin care update. YES it’s still happening as soon as I make products that can be photographed because mine basically float around in random containers and look ugly as hell. I’m not selling them to

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