So Much Makeup…

Okay, I know I owe y’all some posts and what not. But hey, you finally got the skincare stuff … so… yeah. But now… MAKEUP!

Let’s start with Chantecaille:


I got off my tail and got all of the Lux Chrome Duos. OMG. So good. I love them all, even the Monte Carlo which is broken in the latch (I am so taking it back and trading it for a good one. Things cost too much money to have a bogus latch. Hmph). They are essentially high shine pressed pigments. At least one of the colors has that high shine, while the other might behave more as a shimmer. They work amazing together or separate, and the quality is simply out of this world. Makes me forgive madness like the Coral palette or the Bumblebee palette (NO ONE WEARS SKY BLUE EYESHADOW)… just saying.


Tibet is hands down my favorite. It’s a high shine smoky brown and platinum that really come to life on my warm skin. I’ve been wearing this in some form non stop since getting it about a month ago. If you can only pick one, this would be my recommendation.


I honestly didn’t expect to like Gardens of Marrakesh as much as I do. I’m not a fan of pastels (see my quip about pale blue) so I was a little meh on the combo. But they really work together so well. And I’ve even worn the lavender by itself, so that’s something.


Behind Tibet, this is my next favorite. Monte Carlo is my jam with a warm peach and shimmer light bronze. Swatched like crap… and I’m not really sure why. Because it’s really amazing. I’ll show y’all in an FOTD eventually. No, really.


I don’t even like purple that way, but Piazza San Marco is just enough of a ‘dirty purple’ to get me interested. It really sticks and can be manipulated to go warm or cool with other shadows. How awesome is that?


Look at how disrespectful these pictures are. I don’t even know why they did that. Probably because I’m about to talk trash. I’m not a huge fan of greens either. I love the idea of khaki, but I don’t wear it enough. But like the purple, Grand Canal made me pay attention because of the formula. Honestly, it wears light with a high shine and little to no effort. Also no creasing or fading on these oily lids, particularly because I refuse to wear a primer (I’m prejudiced against extra product for extra product’s sake). If your eyeshadow can’t perform on its own, it has no business in my collection.

New Chantecaille (since this stuff’s been out for a while) is coming. Y’all know I’m chatty. Gotta break up these posts! 😉




  1. Lynnette says:

    I must screen shot this and go to the Chantecaille counter again. Thanks for the review.

  2. You’re welcome! I love these shadows. Every one is wonderful.

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