FOTD: Lions & Chimps

I pulled some of the more ‘charitable’ new releases from Chantecaille and Kat Von D to put this together. You’ve already seen the Lion’s palette. The Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps is an orange-based red that I find actually wears more comfortably than fullsizerender143her regular colors. I struggle with Lolita II in terms of dryness and flakiness. But this set in about 30 seconds and wore comfortably for hours. It’s described as a ‘warm brick red’ but it’s not … at least not on me. It definitely translates much lighter than brick and is more orange than ‘warm’… even though orange is a warm color. Am I making any sense? Maybe not.

Anyway, to the makeup! The base is a combination of By Terry’s Lumiere Foundation in #8 (which I don’t think they make anymore) and Koh Gen Do’s Aqua foundation in Ochre. Ochre is super yellow, and By Terry pulls a little pink. So I combined the two to neutralize them. Powder is Charlotte Tilbury pressed in #2 (which has quickly become my jam, much to the chagrin of my wallet). Blush isn’t really that at all… it’s Highlight The Truth (which says Taraji Glow on the back) from the MAC Taraji P. Henson collection. It’s such a strong peachy gold that I can easily wear it as a blush. It would only be a highlighter on much darker skin, and honestly I think they did that on purpose and… KUDOS! I soooo feel like Taraji was in the background talking about: “Y’all got PLENTY for the pale girls. Y’all need to hook my pigmented beauties up!” You know she was.

Eyes are mostly the grey and rust colors from the Chantecaille . As you can see, they kind of mashed together. The grey is matte and the rust is shimmer but damn if they don’t  both look BROWN. I’m working on that. I put the tiniest bit of the highlight color near the tear duct. Y’all WHY do my brows look like that? SMH.  I need to call Jennifer… who I’m pretty sure is on vacation or something because my phone has not buzzed with an appointment reminder. Dammit.

The liner is Tom Ford Eye Definer, which so far is so very good. BUT I always think that about a new liner and that joint dries out 10 days later so I’m reserving final judgement for a while. MUFE pissed me off so damn bad… started skipping just weeks after I bought it (damn felt tip liner). But this one has a brush and it’s making a difference. Takes a little more control… which is funny for me because I’ve clearly been out of practice from using felt tip liners and gel liners/brushes. But it’s holding up well for the moment.

You already know what the mascara is. 😉

The lips were applied two different ways: center from the wand and edges with a brush. This liquid lipstick isn’t super thin, but it’s just enough to make me a little nervous so I did a little precision work.



  1. You look fantastic! You’re glowing!

  2. Thank you! Girl, it’s the foundation. LOL They really ‘lift’ my skin and give it a glow.

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