Lip Service: Charlotte Tilbury- THE QUEEN

So this frantic (as is Charlotte’s way) email arrives in my inbox like BUY THE QUEEN NOW! So I give in to the shenanigans and a massive box with a little tube of lipstick arrives a day later.


This color is SO DAMN BRIGHT. Not in an awesome strawberry pink flattering-on-everyone bright. More like an “I did my makeup in a dimly lit club bathroom” bright, and then shocked everyone when the lights came up. The shade looks cheap and tawdry on me, which is not saying much for the British monarch that it’s named after. Poor Elizabeth. Charlotte is basically celebrating that heinous color named something awful like Flamingo Passion or some crap, that your grandmother has insisted on wearing since Estee Lauder first created it in 1912. Uncute.

I had to alter it with Hollywood Honey lip liner to make it look presentable on my face. It works with a good warm reddish brown. But alone it just looks like I put on my makeup in the dark and picked up the wrong shade by accident. Chanel’s 2016 interpretation of this color (Luxuriant) is a MUCH better bet in terms of pigment and overall flattery. If you’re up to choose, pick that one instead.



  1. Well, you make it look good! LOL

  2. Thanks! I promise it’s the liner though. That color is so garish on me. LOL

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