Month: October 2016


I was watching Lisa Eldridge talk about getting away from typical golds and reds for the Holiday Season… and all I wanted to do was golds and reds. 😀 I get her point, but ‘smoky mink’ and fuchsia lips just aren’t my cup of tea. I’d totally do it on

Suqqu Foundation

I just need Suqqu to come to the United States so I can stop spending so much freakin’ money on shipping. Okay. I got my hands on the new Suqqu Foundation, and was more than a little skeptical out the gate. First, my actual color (#35) is sold out, so

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette

Ooooooohhhhh. I actually considered passing on this palette. I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in the head, and I didn’t think I would love nearly as much as I actually do. The pigmentation level is soooo good, even with the mattes. And while they don’t swatch

FREE Seven Veils Serum!

Hey Guys, Remember when we did the GAIA giveaway and you all gave me such beautiful, valuable feedback (which was absolutely applied)? I’d like to do that with a serum formulation that is still in the beta phase. I’m OVER THE MOON about it, but I always want to put

Charlotte’s Film Noir Nights

Holiday Makeup Season is upon us, and Charlotte Tilbury got way out in front with a fantastic offering that looks like it’s worth more than the asking price. Film Noir Nights is a Lipstick/Eyeliner Duo, that features her latest addition to the Matte Revolution Collection: Opium Noir. It also comes

FOTD: Sheer Skin/Red Lips

Normally, when I do a red lip I go all full with the foundation because Red Lips = Glamour right? Wrong. Since the makeup community upgraded all those antiquated rules, it stands to reason that I need to do the same. I went nearly bare in the skin department, using

A/W 2016: Chanel Sublimage Foundation

I decided to take my time and try out the new Chanel Sublimage Foundation. It’s allegedly suited to dry mature skins, with a sheerer coverage. My skin is decidedly NOT dry, and this foundation really worked to bind itself, and totally stayed put with no real help. I tried a

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